Apartment property for sale in San Francisco - Panama  -

Apartment property for sale in San Francisco - Panama

Best Apartment Locations in Panama

"The San Francisco area is a corregimiento that belongs to the urban area of Panama City.
Beautiful apartments are located in San Francisco with beautiful view towards the ocean, they have complete apartments such as kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.
many of them are sold fully equipped with white lines and air conditioners. Come Now!
Place that offer the best visual to the green landscape of the park, the urban development of San Francisco, the coastline and the Pacific Ocean. 
"Being the owner in Residencias del Sol you can enjoy the proximity to large green areas for recreation, sports and recreation, at no cost, as if it were part of your own garden. It will be a spectacular experience for families, the feeling of freedom and the benefits in physical and mental health will make differences over time. Just imagining sharing with your children in the park, watching them ride a bike, with their pets, playing ball or at children's amusements, without a doubt, motivates people to be part of this magnificent development.






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